I lost my cell phone in Buenos Aires Plaza Mayo on the 10th November 2022. It is an old Samsung phone. There is a photo of my partner in the phone case and also some cards of where we stayed while on tour of Argentina. The phone is of little use but the photos and sim cards are unreplaceable. This is a long shot but worth a trybut

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An old Samsung phone. In is in a cover which has my partners photo inside. There are also some business cards of some of the places we were in Argentina. The code to open the phone is 7499

Couleur : Phone is black. Colour photo of my partner. Some business cards, red white

Lieu de perte :

I was in Plaza Mayo in Buenos Aires on my last day of our holiday sitting watching a march by, doctor etc I think, on the opposite side of the « Pink House », goverment building and my cell phone disappeared. I can only think that I dropped it or left it on one of the park benched.

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Ville : Buenos Aires

Date de perte : 10 novembre 2022

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